Hi, I'm Rob and I'm Third I Rex.

This project started back in 2015 when I truly felt that I had to do something about supporting the music I love and the underground. I come from over a decade spent singing extreme metal and various indie labels projects. Back in my home country, I've been pressing black metal releases since I was a teen. Started as a tapes trader, I moved then into more professional releases. Once I had to leave the country, I relocated to UK and I finally found the strength and time to dedicate myself to a new label! 

I love extreme music in various forms so I didn't feel like limiting myself to a genre only. The music I love is the music I press. The support to the bands comes first. There's no profit or fame involved. I do what I do for the sake of love for music. 
This is Third I Rex, the extreme music worship label! 
Thanks for your time and support!
Rob & Third I Rex

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