The best way to contact us is via email at
We are also on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, we have a profile on Bandcamp and a few other pages for distribution and merch. Google us as 3rdirex or Third-I-Rex and you will find us.

If you are looking for a label to press your album, please bear in mind we work with loads of bands and artists. This means that, unfortunately, although we might love your music at the time you send us your demo we might be already busy with other releases.
What's the best way then?
Well, send us a message in advance. Don't limit yourselves to a few weeks or months. Take your time to evaluate if you would like us to press you and get in touch at least to have a chat and see if what we offer is what you are looking for.
There is no shame in saying "This is not for me!" and decide to look for a different label.
We have our own bands so we know how it feels when you don't find the right deal or the right producer to support your work.  We try our best to get the best off it for all parties involved.

Most of the people simply ignore or never thought of how it works when you press an album.
It is not as easy as it might seem. There is loads of work behind the scenes, energies and time to be invested in the whole process. Please don't contact us to get your album out and that's all about it. At the end of the day, the pressing of a release is a team effort.
Remember that without great music, you can't make a great release. Without a label which takes care of the promotion aspect of it, there's no distribution, without distribution there are no copies sold and without copies sold, you won't have any followers.. and so on and so forth, the whole process is a chain.
The number of copies, nowadays, is irrelevant. You might have fifty good reviews but still, the number of copies you sell might be counted on two hands. You might simply sell digitals (up until people start downloading your album) instead of physical copies.
We press limited quantities and this doesn't mean we don't care. If things go well, we will most certainly ask you to do a second press.
To sell CDs is pretty much difficult. How many underground labels or artists have you supported over more infamous ones? There're thousands of labels like us out there and without the band sharing the links for the reviews, working with the label during the promotion, trying to get involved, it's really difficult to make it happen.
We can help you out while you help us to help you out!

Yes, please! We can get involved with the whole of it as long as the times are right for us to go through the extra budget to be invested. Just drop us an email and we can talk it through.