Monday, 28 November 2016

BUENSUCESO, artwork and first single revealed!

 new album's first single and artwork are now revealed! 
The band's new album, going to be released at the end of January by The Braves Records (Spain) and Third I Rex is an incredible journey through emotional soundscapes. 
In their minimal style, Buensuceso have sealed an outstanding display of personality, by taking the distance from the genre cliches in order to experiment in the same direction which characterised them since their debut "Inner Winter".

The artwork, released by PROCESONEGRO Art Studio, is an absolute beauty!
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The artist Manuel Cantero has previously collaborated with the band and other important names such as The Man-Eating Tree, Absenta, Santo Rostro, Ósserp, Amer, Forlet Sires, Fran Suárez, Alto Consumo and many others. The visual has been inspired by early 20th Century silent movies.

Prepare yourselves for "ANALOGY: The Sun | Divided Line"! 

Sunday, 13 November 2016