Sunday, 31 December 2017

MUDBATH amongst the best albums of the year at CanThisEvenBeCalledMusic?

PISSBOILER amongst the latest best of extreme doom at NineCircles!

SANGUE NERO is second best album of the year at Metalliautisti! [FIN]

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BUENSUCESO amongst the best national releases of 2017 in Spain with Rock Culture! [SPA]

POSTVORTA amongst the best of the year for Post-Rock!

Friday, 29 December 2017

POSTVORTA amongst the best of 2017 at RockHardItaly! [ITA]

MUDBATH amongst the best of 2017 for the team at Doomed&Stoned!

SEVENTH GENOCIDE amongst the best Italian releases of 2017 at MetalEyes! [ITA]

ROW OF ASHES amongst the best of the year at Aversionline!

PISSBOILER reviewed by CadaverGarden!

BUENSUCESO, best of 2017 for NecromanceMagazine! [SPA]

SANGUE NERO reviewed by AllAroundMetal! [ITA]

BUENSUCESO, best album in Spain at LaHabitacion235! [SPA]

ROW OF ASHES, best of 2017 at AveNoctum!

MUDBATH, best of 2017 at NOIZR!

OBSCURE DEVOTION, best of 2017 for DrunkInAGraveyard!

Thursday, 14 December 2017

CHARUN reveal artwork, tracklist and details about their upcoming new album!

We have been waiting for a while and here we are with the first juicy news about Charun's upcoming new masterpiece! Please take some time to go through all details!

Thursday, 7 December 2017

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

The Italian post-metallers CHARUN sign with Third I Rex! The new album out on February '18!

Since we started our activities with Third I Rex, we always kept an eye on the post-metal side of our releases. We truly found in post-metal a genre, amongst many emotional ones, that is always able to take us far, to break our mind, with albums-like-journeys capable of leaving a deep mark, with beauty and unreachable bliss.
With such gratefulness, we give a sincere welcome to the Italian post-metallers CHARUN, due to release with us their new work in February next year.

Given the word to the band, here's a brief introduction to CHARUN's sound:

"Combining deafening post-rock atmospheres with lead-weighted metal intricacies, guitars flare, drums crack, and from the maelstrom of sounds come dark, brooding ambiances and driving, evocative riffs. Purely instrumental with no poetic lyrics or arching vocals to hide behind, Charun’s compositions lie steadfast in the spotlight, baring the weight of expectations and delivering brilliantly evolving orchestrations."

The four-piece instrumental band from Sardinia, Italy was originally formed in 2013, releasing soon after birth “De Ortu Solis”, the formation debut-ep.
Signed by Cave Canem DIY in collaboration with As Above So Below Records for the release of the album “Stige” the guys produced an authentic masterpiece which was then released in 2016. Following a bunch of short tours and post-release live shows, the band got once again back in studio to create and record.
We truly hope you'll get the time to 
freely stream or download the band's latest release "Stige" via Bandcamp. More news about CHARUN's new work will follow soon!

Keep watching this space!

Sunday, 22 October 2017

MALVENTO, the first single "L'Incanto" is now available on YouTube!

Years passed since Malvento's legendary first demo "Camera Prima".
The band never stopped creating unique music since then and it is now time to share with you all the first single taken from the upcoming "Pneuma".
We hope you are going to enjoy "L'Incanto"!

Pre-orders are running now at THIS LINK!

Tuesday, 26 September 2017


When talking about heavy music, a band has been always on our list over the past year and a half.
We are absolutely honored for having the chance to collaborate with a colossal
monster of doom for one of the most incredible releases of the year!
We welcome today in our family the Swedish juggernauts

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

UBIQUITY LIVE! October '17, be there!

SANGUE NERO, the official T-Shirt now available on pre-order!


LODO "Lodo" reviewed by MetalEyes! [ITA]

POSTVORTA "Carmentis", the first press is now Sold Out!

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Friday, 28 July 2017

The Italians UBIQUITY sign with THIRD I REX!

".. blessed the underground and its disciples!"
With extreme joy and unbearable excitement, we welcome to Third I Rex another great
reality hailing from the land of Sardinia!
UBIQUITY is without any doubt a band which is going to crack open the scene!

Wednesday, 5 July 2017


When thinking of post-black metal, we all usually think of dissonant and morbid guitar patterns, fast drumming and that long abused "religious" feeling which has been for a long time the trademark of the actual genre. Alternatively, we think of the shoegazy style of bands such as Alcest, Lantlos and all those others who have mixed the genre with a more "rock-oriented" sound. That is why, after so many years, is always incredibly amazing when bands are capable of creating a completely new way of intending the genre. Over the black-metal roots of the style, Seventh Genocide have found their own voice and took the definition of "post-black metal" to a brand new level. Forget dissonances, forget shoegaze. If Pink Floyd could have played black metal, there is a huge possibility that their sound could have been not so far from what these Italians have to offer.

Saturday, 20 May 2017

DEAD WOMAN'S DITCH sign with Third I Rex!

Here we are today with some amazing news!
We are extremely excited to inform you that we are going to press this Summer
the new album of the prophets of doom and gloom Dead Woman's Ditch!
Hailing from Somerset in UK, these guys are one of the most incredible bands we had
the chance to watch on stage, and authors of a corrosive mix of doom, black and psyche!
With their upcoming full-length "Seo Mere Saetan", they're going to release one
of the darkest extreme metal albums of the year.

Friday, 12 May 2017


Lodo's self titled debut album is fully available on streaming now!
The album will be out on June 25th via Nooirax Producciones (Spain) & Third I Rex!
Pre-order your copy now at!

Sunday, 30 April 2017

SANGUE NERO sign with Third I Rex to release "Viscere"!

Once again, we are extremely proud to be there supporting some of the most incredible and authentic acts around. We introduce you today to the Italian band Sangue Nero!

Hailing from Italy, Sangue Nero are not your conventional black metal band.

Mixing tribal/folk elements with harsh dissonant guitars and insanely unique vocals, these guys are another pearl coming from the Italian underground this year.
Debuting through Third I Rex, with their mesmerizing album "Viscere", they will soon catch the attention of all supporter of unconventional and deranged extreme music.

Saturday, 8 April 2017

UNDERDARK reviewed by MetalEyes! [ITA]

ROW OF ASHES sign with Third I Rex & The Braves Records!

Since its birth, Third I Rex had the chance to work with some of the most incredible artists worldwide. It is now time to unveil the name of one of the new acts we
have the pleasure to work with! 

Featuring musicians from bands such as Sonance, Wild Dogs Winter, Executive Distraction Tasks and with the mesmerizing vocals of Eliza Gregory, who has been performing in the past with Necro Deathmort, Ladyscraper, and Pleura, this will be a highlight of 
UK's extreme music this year!

We introduce you today to ROW OF ASHES, 
and their outstanding debut "Let The Long Night Fade"!

LODO sign with THIRD I REX!

Lodo joined the Third I Rex family with our very first release,
their split album with the Spanish doom outfit Hela!
We're extremely excited to have them back with us for their long waited self-titled LP!

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