Saturday, 28 May 2016

SIMULACRO sign with Third I Rex

The Italian band SIMULACRO, supported by Third I Rex, will be releasing its new full-length album in September this year. 
The new opus, will see the return of the Sardinian band following the previous work "Fall of the Last Idol" back in 2013. It will be officially released just six months after the band's new EP "SuperEgo" (currently available on digital through the band's bandcamp page), a mini album which has highlighted the return of the band to the scene. SIMULACRO already collected real positive feedbacks at the time of the first LP, both in Italy and abroad.

We're extremely proud to press the new SIMULACRO's album. They're a band we followed for years and with whom we wished to start  a truthful collaboration.

SIMULACRO have always developed interesting concept albums. As well with this new work, they aimed to create something unique in order to push their music over the classic black metal roots of the band.
Anamnesi, the band's drummer and multitalented musicians already part of important Sardinian and Italian acts, has explained some of the ideas used in the band's new album:

"The album's atmospheres mainly arise from ideas of introspection, meditation, and self-analysis. We use these ideas to better understand our place in this world, and our own individual spirituality. As a result of this introspection we try to foresee what we become when we let the events, our passions or mere conformism dictate our behaviour; what happens when we don't strive for control of our actions and thoughts. these are all nefarious visions, that bring no solace. Yet, there's hope in facing the lethargy afflicting the soul.
The spiritual quest for truth, so personal, intimate and sacred, becomes one with life. We need to seek it far from light and from external influences so that our senses won't be overwhelmed by excessive information."

We would also like to share some important news in regards to the album's pre-order and other details for this release. 
Over the next few weeks and during the Summer season, prior the release date of this record, more news will follow and some tracks are going to be shared with the public. The pre-order starts on June 20th and it will give the chance to everybody to buy the album in advance with a 50% discount. Also, the whole album will be available on download with the pre-order. This will provide the chance, to whom want to support the band, to listen to the whole album way before the release date.