Wednesday, 15 June 2016

SIMULACRO album trailer and pre-orders!

The time has come to unveil more details regarding SIMULACRO's new album. 
We thought it would have been better, for whom will listen and support this release, to read the label's opinion first.
Support for all bands we work with is never enough. We thought to provide first our own feedback and honest opinion about the way we perceived the band's new opus.
As mentioned a few weeks back, we've been following the band for a while. We witnessed an evolution in the band's sound and we really think this will be an album worth of all of your attention.

The work, titled "Echi Dall'Abisso" ("Echoes From The Abyss"), is formed of eight songs or  "echoes", as the band named them.
From the first to the last, the echoes coming from SIMULACRO's abyss, carry the listener through a disturbing and, at the same time, liberating journey.
The Sardinian band's sound improved vigorously both in style and from a technical point of view. Melodic and evocative riffs alternate to moments of violence and rage, taking full hands from a hybrid of classic black metal and the new post wave. All guitars, amazingly performed, create a solid and well-defined structure, while dragging the listener into darkness.
A heavy bass, played with taste and power, creates a wall of sound and evilness whilst supporting the rhythmic session with interesting and classy ideas.
The blast beat loses its monotony and dares, through moments of pure ecstatic beauty, in the highest moments of melody and melancholy.
The vocals, which benefit also of featuring artists such as Thorn aka Gionata Potenti (Acherontas, Fides Inversa, Blut Aus Nord, Frostmoon Eclipse), are rough and majestic at the same time while the clean vocals session, performed by Satya Lux Aeterna (artist who has performed before with acts such as Streben and Nahabat), has taken over most of the keys which were part of the band's first album. Them all combined, make the journey more and more intriguing.
The photography, by the Italian photographer Valeria Spiga (the same person who worked a while back with the international band Aphonic Threnody on "When Death Comes"), paints sorrowful drawings between digital and sepia tones.
The talented artist has been supported by the infamous Francesco Gemelli, graphic designer and talented artist too, who already worked with SIMULACRO and other Italian and foreign projects for graphic and merch (Avantgarde Music, Aevangelist, Abigor and many others).
This is an album which is going to mark the return to the scene of SIMULACRO, a band that will be positively mentioned as in Italy, so abroad.

As already confirmed a few weeks back, the pre-order gives the chance to everybody to buy the album with a 50% discount. It also gives access to the free download of the entire album from bandcamp. Pre-order your copy now at!