Sunday, 3 July 2016

October Releases Announced

It's with extreme joy that we announce today some of the upcoming new releases under the Third I Rex flag! In October this year, we are going to get pressed two amazing extreme bands!
Honoured to work with musicians and artists of such caliber, and next to other important labels in the European underground, we will be repressing GRIZZLYMAN's self-titled debut EP and KALLOUSED's debut album "Damn You Believer" in our standard DgPack format!
All pre-orders are starting in two weeks time!

+ + +


Hailing from different bands such as death & prog metal acts 12 Gauge Dead, Prowess and hardcore veterans Damage, these guys benefit of enormous and different musical backgrounds. Their love for heavy down tuned music slowly formed the concept Grizzlyman.
Their lyrics orbits around the thought that there's a raw instinct in everyone and also a desperate need for being human. The band's dual approach to vocals tries to express these aspects of the concept. Linked to the name's idea. their first EP is an introduction to the bear god Shardik (inspired by Richard Adams' novel "Shardik"), who represents the animal side in us.
From its start, this band has been about personal development and the creative process of making something musical and emotional whilst trying to find new ways. 

Grizzlyman is a straight kick in the teeth! Three tracks which move between sludge/doom, post, and heavy riffage, taking the listener into an amazing 15 minutes journey through the beast in man! This is a killer debut and the perfect introduction to a band which is going soon to make the difference in the European heavy scene!

+ + +


Kalloused can be easily defined as veterans of the British underground. Featuring musicians with an absolute extreme background, this new project is pure heaviness in music. 
Unconventional and unpredictable, Kalloused are a brave new entity in the blackened doom and post sludge scene. Taking the distance from an over abused approach to heaviness, they found their spot mixing noisy post hardcore and slow paced riffage through a highly corrosive formula.
One of the most incredible debuts coming from UK this year!

The band: "Chaotic, bleak and wrought with tension , Kalloused are a 4 piece hailing from the south coast of England with past and current members of Grey Widow, Thread and Beaten Up By boys.