Sunday, 11 December 2016


Third I Rex in collaboration with The Braves Records is going to press, early next year, the debut album of the Spanish doom outfit ODDHUMS, titled "The Inception". A powerful and emotional display of personality for a band which will be soon recognized as one of the most incredible realities of the Spanish doom underground!

The band, coming from JaƩn, has been able with its first EP to catch the attention of quite a few doom fanatics. Described by Merchants Of Air as

".. an excellent blend of stoner rock and doom, a delightful must-have for the fuzz-freaks out there."

ODDHUMS have been able to gather in their debut all of the elements which make an album great. The powerful drumming, fuzzy riffs, superb vocals, heavy bass lines, the distortion and the overall atmosphere, make this debut an outstanding and impressive EP.

"With darkly hallucinatory vibes permeating these songs, ones augmented with epic sonic grandeur and expansive arrangements, ODDHUMS have harnessed an amazing album with 'The Inception'." [Metal Nexus]

Featuring a beautiful artwork by Procesonegro Art Studio, this is for us one of the most promising debuts of 2016. Pre-orders start today, and the album will be out by the end of February! Grab a copy of this masterpiece before it sales out! This is an absolute must-have for every doom lover!