Sunday, 26 February 2017

ODDHUMS "The Inception" IS OUT NOW!

ODDHUMS "The Inception"

It has finally arrived the day we got pressed this amazing debut from the Spanish band ODDHUMS!
"The Inception" has been haunting our music player for months now, and it has been fantastic for us to get the chance to work once again with the guys at The Braves Records and to get released for you an amazing piece of doom!

The support has been great as always and all guys involved in the promotion have left amazing feedbacks in regards to the uniqueness of ODDHUMS' sound. From their home country to the rest of Europe and far up until the States, the few below condense in full the description of what these guys have been able to achieve!

"‘The Inception’ .. sets out this three-piece band as one to watch in 2017."
[Famous Last Words Records]

"At first glance they appear with a doom metal quality, set along stoner rock extensions. However, it is soon revealed that even though doom metal still plays a part in the band’s sound, that they are leaning more towards sludge rather the traditional doom. Dirty riffs with a fair amount of grit, alongside slow, hardcore-esque grooves build the spine of the album, while on the other hand the stoner rock aesthetic is also revealed to be a slight illusion. Again, there are settings when stoner rock – actually, more like desert rock – is capable of evoking a hazy and elusive form for Oddhums. Not going full-on psychedelia, they are able to strip down their instrumentation, relax their structures and intensity and allow ritualistic drums and a fading vocal delivery take us down an intoxicating path."

".. Shudder to Think, Aeges , Obsidian Kingdom, Killing Joke, The God Machine, Soundgarden and Earth all mixed into something haunting and wonderful at the same time."
[Absolute Zero Media]

We're extremely proud of being able once again to deliver such great quality music and we feel honored for having the chance to work with such amazing band!
The album has been pressed as usual in a die hard ltd edition. Don't miss out, stream the album for free and grab a copy at!