Sunday, 30 April 2017

SANGUE NERO sign with Third I Rex to release "Viscere"!

Once again, we are extremely proud to be there supporting some of the most incredible and authentic acts around. We introduce you today to the Italian band Sangue Nero!

Hailing from Italy, Sangue Nero are not your conventional black metal band.

Mixing tribal/folk elements with harsh dissonant guitars and insanely unique vocals, these guys are another pearl coming from the Italian underground this year.
Debuting through Third I Rex, with their mesmerizing album "Viscere", they will soon catch the attention of all supporter of unconventional and deranged extreme music.
The band has taken madness to a brand new level!

Sangue Nero was formed back in 2015 by T (bass, didgeridoo, and vocals) and V (guitars).

The main focus was always to develop a black metal project which could benefit from total freedom in leaving behind any abused approaches to the genre through a more personal and introspective style. Joined by M (drums), the band started right away to experiment different solutions whilst writing the first riffs.
Ten months later, the band got in studio at "Silos Recording Studio" to record "Viscere".
The album was then mixed by T and mastered in Florence.
The main idea behind the band's sound has been to record something which could be brought easily on stage in a raw, harsh and direct way, by recording the whole release totally DIY and then adding only the vocals during a separate take.
The uniqueness of the vocals, and with a similar approach to what the great Paul Chain already experimented years before, is in the fact that there is not a real language behind the sounds.

This is the true essence of evil and madness.
Where many tried before through various incarnations, where Krieg have laid the seed with "Destruction Ritual", where Abruptum have dared, where Lust has experimented since the second half of the '90s, there Sangue Nero has found their roots.
An incredible release which we will be soon sharing with you.
Pre-orders to start early in May!
Watch this space and join Sangue Nero here!