Saturday, 20 May 2017

DEAD WOMAN'S DITCH sign with Third I Rex!

Here we are today with some amazing news!
We are extremely excited to inform you that we are going to press this Summer
the new album of the prophets of doom and gloom Dead Woman's Ditch!
Hailing from Somerset in UK, these guys are one of the most incredible bands we had
the chance to watch on stage, and authors of a corrosive mix of doom, black and psyche!
With their upcoming full-length "Seo Mere Saetan", they're going to release one
of the darkest extreme metal albums of the year.

"From a smoke filled cave on the edge of the Quantock hills in Somerset comes, with disturbing regularity, a glorious dark grinding sound much akin to the scales of the 'Gurt Wyrm of Shervage' grinding it's slow length through the hills and forests surrounding Dead Woman's Ditch. It is thought that the inhabitants of said cave could well be the hatchlings of the Wyrm, whose eggs were never found. 

These sounds, oft accompanied by a deathly wailing and screeching thought to be that of the ghost of John Walford, can be heard at night across the far reaches of the herepath. 

Over a period of several cold dark months these sounds have been captured with modern recording equipment . They are to be broadcast in order that everyone can come to know the full horror that lies amongst the bracken and leaf rot upon the Somerset hills…PLEASE BEWARE this horror, it will be known as... 'Seo Mere Saetan'"

Dead Woman's Ditch are:
Glenn Charman - Guitar, Vocals
George Rhone - Guitar, Vocals
Chris Rust - Bass
Robin Corbet - Drums

"Seo Mere Saetan" will be out in August via Third I Rex!
The band's first single and album's pre-orders' link will be available online real soon!
Meanwhile, you can check them out on Facebook & Bandcamp!
Don't miss out!