Friday, 28 July 2017

The Italians UBIQUITY sign with THIRD I REX!

".. blessed the underground and its disciples!"
With extreme joy and unbearable excitement, we welcome to Third I Rex another great
reality hailing from the land of Sardinia!
UBIQUITY is without any doubt a band which is going to crack open the scene!

Pointless mentioning the fact that we had quite a few realities pressed over the past years coming from the same "background". We remember our first "Sardinian-release" with Abisso, followed by VIII, and lately by Simulacro.
UBIQUITY is another outstanding reality which we have been following for a while and coming from a land which seems like being the cradle, and sometimes also the grave, of some of the most interesting Italian and European bands to date.
Maybe due to the small population or the historical isolation, the number of mesmerizing acts capable of channeling contemporary music into personal and experimental "journeys" is growing fast.
These guys are no less provocative in such direction, taking full hands from black metal oriented roots and merging the raw approach to the genre with blackned hardcore moments worth of the best Eglise, and Hexis, and post-metal sections up to the best Russian Circles.

The question now might be "Who are these guys???".
Started as a "dark-acoustic-folk" project, UBIQUITY were originally a duo formed in 2015 by Leonardo (guitar) and Alessio (vocals).
With the passing of time, the two decided to get a whole line-up and from that point onwards, the identity of the band took a completely different turn, moving onto more screamo/emoviolence territories somehow trying to reach the apex of bands such as Raein, Danse Macabre and mixing those influences with the output generated by the Skramz scene around the end of the '90s. 
The band first LP "Quiet In Hopelessness" became the first milestone for the band's career especially due to the psychological and emotive conditions in which it was given birth. Released during the early '16 via Screamore and Dingleberry Records the album gave the chance to the band to work on a little promotion by supporting the release with live appearances next to Il Mare Di Ross, Selva and Filth In My Garage.At that point, the various musicians involved went through a period of changes both personally and musically.
Back on track later the same year, the band's idenatity was then forever changed!
Contaminated and deranged by more influences than previously displayed the guys got themselves into an extremism bottomless abyss. Embracing post-metal, hardcore, sludge, black metal, post-rock, and blackgaze, UBIQUITY where born again from the ashes of anything which was purely linking them to a specific genre or a scene. 
Giving a fuck about anything else if not expressing themselves fully without boundaries and limitations, the band embraced a new reborn identity by shifting to an incredible new sound. UBIQUITY's new album is capable of daring where others have simply given up. In its five tracks, the common goal is to represent the research of the true self that men look for on everyday actions, by losing themselves to reborn in moments of joy and negativity whilst trying to find a meaning for life.

Davide - Vocals
Alessio - Bass
Leonardo - Guitar
Marco - Drums

This is going to be another incredible release branded Third-I-Rex, another hot release you really don't want to miss this year! Prepare yourselves for a mesmerizing journey through joy and sorrow, bliss and pain! October 2017, be there!