Wednesday, 2 August 2017

The Italian cult band MALVENTO signs with Third I Rex. The new album out in November!

We are extremely proud for having the chance to press this year
the new album of the cult Italian black metal band Malvento, band which
has signed an era for the Italian extreme underground and active for now almost 20 years!

are one of a kind band, a unique act which has survived a very long time in comparison to many other bands coming from the Italian extreme underground. Musicians who have taken into music deep occult studies since the very beginning with their infamous demo "Camera Prima" (class 1999), developing a real unique style both musically and lyrically.

Since their debut, they went through numerous other releases, supported by the historical Italian label Ordo Obscure Domini (RIP), then by Vomitium Niger Productions (RIP) and later by Natura Morta Edizioni (RIP), participating meanwhile to numerous tribute releases and various compilations.
Followed by an endless curse which has seen them fighting and struggling to keep up after years of activity they are finally back, after their experimental masterpiece "Oscure Esperimento Contro Natura", with the innovative and cathartic "PNEUMA".

Unconventional, trippy, dark, and psychedelic, the band new opus is potentially the most intriguing release in Malvento's career thus far. The band sound has been processed and refined through a mesmerizing flowing of emotions. Able to channel their music through invocations to the world beyond, Malvento are taking the horror sound of Italian historical acts from the late '80s and early '90s to a brand new dimension of terror.
Closer to a forgotten death rock taste for extreme, "PNEUMA" sounds like early Limbo meeting early Militia Christi. A cauldron of influences which make this release the quintessential Italian dark album of the year. Doom and the occult never sounded heavier and cursed.
If darkness in music is what you are looking for, keep your eyes peeled for one of the most obscure and cursed releases of the year.

Tracklist: 01. Pneuma (Intro), 02. Notte, 03. La Via Sinistra, 04. L'Incanto, 05. Vortex, 06. Respiro Notturno, 07. Apuania, 08. Le Danze, 09. Il Risveglio.

Malvento are:
ZIN - Vocals & Bass
NEFASTUS - Guitars
WHIP - Synths & Loops
7 S e 7 e N 5 - Drums
LUTUM - Keyboards

BATHORY LEGION - Ritual Nocturnal Voice on "Vortex" & music on "Apuania"
GIANLUCA MARTUCCI (URNA) - Shruti Box, Bamboo Flute, Percussions

November 2017, Malvento, "PNEUMA", do not miss out!