Tuesday, 7 November 2017

The Italian post-metallers CHARUN sign with Third I Rex! The new album out on February '18!

Since we started our activities with Third I Rex, we always kept an eye on the post-metal side of our releases. We truly found in post-metal a genre, amongst many emotional ones, that is always able to take us far, to break our mind, with albums-like-journeys capable of leaving a deep mark, with beauty and unreachable bliss.
With such gratefulness, we give a sincere welcome to the Italian post-metallers CHARUN, due to release with us their new work in February next year.

Given the word to the band, here's a brief introduction to CHARUN's sound:

"Combining deafening post-rock atmospheres with lead-weighted metal intricacies, guitars flare, drums crack, and from the maelstrom of sounds come dark, brooding ambiances and driving, evocative riffs. Purely instrumental with no poetic lyrics or arching vocals to hide behind, Charun’s compositions lie steadfast in the spotlight, baring the weight of expectations and delivering brilliantly evolving orchestrations."

The four-piece instrumental band from Sardinia, Italy was originally formed in 2013, releasing soon after birth “De Ortu Solis”, the formation debut-ep.
Signed by Cave Canem DIY in collaboration with As Above So Below Records for the release of the album “Stige” the guys produced an authentic masterpiece which was then released in 2016. Following a bunch of short tours and post-release live shows, the band got once again back in studio to create and record.
We truly hope you'll get the time to 
freely stream or download the band's latest release "Stige" via Bandcamp. More news about CHARUN's new work will follow soon!

Keep watching this space!