Monday, 31 October 2016

BUENSUCESO's new album out on January '17!


After a little longer than one year, BUENSUCESO are back with an outstanding new album! 

If you might not be familiar with the band, BUENSUCESO were given birth by Sergio Espinosa and David Moreno in the spring of 2013, after the split up of the sludge metal band Buffalo.
Joined by Eduardo Quesada and Juan de Dios on bass and guitar, they self-release their first EP "Inner Winter" back in 2014. A few months later, a little before John Doe joined the band to take care of the synths, Third I Rex repressed the band's debut on CD with some additional unreleased tracks.

The new EP takes full hands from the band's first work and moves through uncharted territories. Thanks to their sound, which has become more personal and experimental, the band's post-metal fueled attitude leaves no room for guesswork. The new tracks carry the listener in a mesmerizing mind trip, through an unexpected emotional rollercoaster.
The new opus titled "ANALOGY: The Sun | Divided Line" is formed by six tracks:

01. With a puff of wind, the fire of the cave went out and its shadow disappeared with unfulfilled desires.
02. On the one hand, the poor put down, surrendered bought all the things were taken, much cohesion, a lot of sweetness.
03. The tulip curse came with the arrival of fall.
04. Wunderkammer
05. She needed two words to apologize... Whilst, he needed an eternity to be forgiven.
06. Fate forgive us.

Conceptually, "ANALOGY" takes inspiration from Platonic philosophy and the "Myth of the Cave". It observes the existence of an unreal world, focused on the blindness of an oblivious society, which is forced to accept the insipid, conformist and inhuman reality that lies behind human beings. 

Recorded at Estudios La Mina in Seville by the producer Raúl Pérez during April 2016, it has been mastered by Mario Alberni at Kadifornia Studios. The album has seen the collaboration of John Doe on synths (duties currently taken by Manuel Cantero from PROCESONEGRO Art Studio), María Peñas on saxophone, Marco Serrato (Orthodox, Sputnik Trio, Hidden Forces Trio and Jacob) on double bass and e-bow, Juan Ángel Martos (Goddamn) doing the voices in the song "Wunderkammer".

The album artwork has been developed by PROCESONEGRO Art Studio which has previously collaborated with the band and other important names such as The Man-Eating Tree, Absenta, Santo Rostro, Ósserp, Amer, Forlet Sires, Fran Suárez, Alto Consumo and many others.

The visual has been inspired by early 20th Century silent movies. 

Third I Rex will join forces with The Braves Records for an incredible release which will win the attentions of all post-rockers and post-metallers out there!
The official release date will be soon revealed in combination with the start of the presales! Keep your eyes peeled!