Sunday, 13 November 2016



This is absolutely breaking news! We were not expecting this to happen and we're extremely proud to be here today having the chance to collaborate with POSTVORTA.
A band which has got all of our gratitude and respect! We've been following them since their first album and when we got offered to support them with the second press of their first two albums, we couldn't have been more happy.
If you're not familiar with the band, here's a little bio taken from their FB profile:

"While there are many bands that traverse and explore the same terrain as heavy titans Neurosis and Isis, very few of those bands embrace these influences and yet do not feel like imitators.
POSTVORTA, the pulverizing sextet from Ravenna, Italy are ones who incorporate a similar style as their influences, but move themselves and the listener through stunning corridors of sound that feel fresh. Bringing elements of post-metal, hardcore and doom into a swirling vortex of monolithic and earth shaking heaviness.
The band creates beauty, destroys and rebuilds it in stunning and imaginative ways time and time again throughout their 70 minute debut offering. As beautiful as it is ferocious, 'Beckoning Light We Will Set Ourselves on Fire' commands the listener with authority. Initially self-released, the band then joined up with Bleeding Light Records who issued the album on CD.
Following their first LP, they release 'Æegeria'. through the Italian label Drown Within Records as digital format. 'Æegeria' is the first chapter of a trilogy about the cicle of birth. 
As Postvorta, 'Æegeria' is the first goddes of the arcaic hearth, one of the four Camenes keepers of the birth, mother earth, prosperity and wisdom. The entire concept of the upcoming Postvorta's music will be focused on the links and scents between creation and inheritance, giver and receiver and their ways to take shape. This album was then released as extra limited CD version and in a very limited run of colored vinyl via 22 Dicembre Records."


Now, Third I Rex will join forces with 22 December Records and Drown Within Records to celebrate the first two albums of the band whilst POSTVORTA's new opus is on its way!